Forcyd & Startup In Residence

on February 27, 2019

As part of the Startup in Residence program, Forcyd is working in a collaboration with the Ministry of Justice and Security on a proof of concept with which information that can be effectively exchanged can be filtered out of digital data, so that the investigation can be continued quickly. It is important here that the investigation can not take cognizance of the confidential material.

Lawyers, doctors, clergy and notaries exchange information with and their clients / patients that is confidential and must be able to remain confidential. The aforementioned professionals and their clients / patients may therefore refuse to provide this information to investigative authorities.

In the context of investigations, large quantities of digital data is sometimes seized (data carriers and data). Think about a major investigation into financial-economic crime, where a copy is made of the server of a large company, so that the investigative authorities can search for information on them, without the company coming to a halt for days, weeks or even months. There is often privileged information on such servers, such as confidential email traffic with a notary or a legal document from a lawyer. Investigation officers may in principle not take note of that information; that may only be a supervisory judge. At this moment, it therefore happens with some regularity that a criminal investigation will come to a standstill for a long period of time, because first the non-disclosure material must be filtered out by a supervisory judge before the investigative authorities can get to work.

Working with search terms to filter out the information yields too many “false positives” (information is wrongly lost) or “false negatives” (the investigative team incorrectly acquires knowledge of non-disclosure information), which makes it insufficiently effective. By using smart and new techniques, including machine learning, Forcyd can realize quick and precise filtering which meets the set conditions.

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