Collection, preservation and analysis of digital information, from reconstructing passwords and deleted files, to identifying crucial evidence and presenting the facts properly and understandably.

Digital evidence is essential in for example internal investigations, legal disputes and data breaches. We help to secure and analyse digital evidence from various data sources, such as computers, servers, mobile devices and other storage media. After which we apply a wide range of advanced techniques to reconstruct allegedly deleted files, recover passwords or, for example, to extract and present electronic evidence.

Forcyd’s specialists have years of experience in handling and processing digital information in a forensically sound manner. We support you with the latest technology, professional software and services. Almost everything that is present on paper today was digital, use that to your advantage.

Cyber security is everything that has to do with information and IT security, and one of the most relevant topics for your company or organization today. Answers to information and IT security issues come in various forms, below you will find a selection of our services related to Cyber Security.

Collection of data carriers

You will find all kinds of data carriers around you. From your laptop, computer or phone on which you view this website, to USB sticks or other storage media that you use to transport documents to the smart devices in your home and car. These devices contain all sorts of potential traces and digital evidence. We specialize in collecting digital evidence from a wide range of sources. This process is always performed in a forensically sound manner, leaving these traces as unaffected as possible.

Conservatory custody

In disputes between two parties, digital evidence is often a necessity and not an option. We assist with the seizure, storage and unlocking of digital evidence. In all evidence seizure cases we work entirely with due observance of the ‘Beslagsyllabus’ in Dutch conservatory custody matters.

Restoring deleted files and passwords

Business-critical information, proof of fraud, hacking or corruption can be deleted or encrypted, for example, to disguise the facts or make them unreadable. With thorough investigation, best in class investigators, and the best software, we restore information and make it accessible again.

Computer forensics

When determining facts, for example in the event of a data breach, ‘computer forensics’ is an essential part of gathering evidence. Our experts have the knowledge and expertise to provide you with fast, effective and clear information. Tangible results that can be used immediately and are essential to prevent further damage and the ability to get back in business as quickly as possible.

Cloud and Internet of Things (IoT) forensics

From cloud services to smart devices, they can be hacked or used as digital evidence. We provide services for collecting and analyzing these types of evidence, whether it is regarding data leaks or finding other digital traces. These services range from preventive security measures to analyzing complex cases in Cloud and IoT environments.

Mobile device forensics

Mobile devices such as an iPhone or Android device are with us every day and we take them nearly everywhere we go. Police, law enforcement and regulators see these devices as one of the most important sources of evidence in investigations. In your business, investigations into mobile devices is also essential, whether it is related to intellectual property theft, fraud or cybercrime, a mobile device contains thousands of potential clues about the use and its user.

Forcyd for government

We also offer our services to governments. For more information on our special government services and conditions, please contact the Digital Forensics department. We are happy to explain where we can assist law enforcement, intelligence services and regulators.

Incident response

If third parties may have obtained unlawful access to your company information or if you have been hacked and want to continue safely with your daily work as quickly as possible, reach out to Forcyd. No company is immune to security incidents and especially now that the GDPR is in effect, it is important to quickly detect and act on data breaches or hacking incidents. With our thorough incident response approach, we can be on site rapidly, restore your business processes and secure and analyse critical information. In addition, we advise you on how to prevent new incidents in the future or to signal them earlier.

Data breach impact analysis

As soon as a data breach or hack is detected, it is essential to know the impact, what information is involved and what personal data is contained in the systems breached. We help analyse these – often very large quantities – potentially captured data. We identify the possible impact of the data breach and the root cause. We ensure that you quickly know what is going on so that you can make informed decisions about how to deal with the data breach on the one hand, and your business continuity on the other. By acting quickly, you prevent (reputation) damage to your company with (international) authorities, customers or consumers.

Data Breach Notification

An incident involving personal data being encrypted, personal data getting in the hands of a third party or being sent to the wrong email address by mistake must be reported to the Dutch Data Protection Authority (DPA). In addition, every individual whose personal data has been leaked must be informed of the fact that this incident occurred. Losing a laptop or USB stick, breaches by a hacker or simply sending the wrong information to the wrong person, is considered a data breach. We support you in the reporting process by means of quick and clear analysis and a to the point “regulator proof” report with which your notification can be handled correctly.

Digital presence

Everyone has an online ‘footprint’, from the computer, telephone or tablet you use to e-mail and social media. However, it may be useful to not only reflect on what you leave online, but also what others write about you or what information they can find about you. We provide you and your employees insight into the information that, probably unconsciously, is known to the outside world, what the impact of this can be and what you can do to change this.

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