Identification, collection, preservation, processing, applying advanced analytics, review and production of electronically stored information, structured and unstructured.

EDiscovery is about providing insights into large amounts of data, often in preparation for legal proceedings or other forms of dispute resolution, but increasingly to demonstrate compliance with, for example, legislation or the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and be prepared for and stay ahead of regulators.

EDiscovery is the process of identification, collection, processing, evaluation and production of electronically stored information. Being able to quickly and effectively get to the heart of the matter makes the difference.

We are leading in the field of EDiscovery and can convert the growing amounts of unstructured data (including e-mails, PDFs and Office documents) and structured data (databases, CRM and archives) into searchable information. Using advanced analytical techniques, we can unlock relevant information and present and visualize it in the form that best fits your case. In addition, we help to make the review process as streamlined and fast as possible to ultimately make a (digital) production that meets the conditions of the other party or regulator. Forcyd’s specialists have years of experience in handling and processing digital information in a forensically sound manner. We support you with the latest technology, professional software and services. Almost everything that is present on paper today was digital, use that to your advantage.

Data culling & Early Case Assessment (ECA)

The right strategy for conducting an investigation is essential. With a pre-analysis, or Early Case Assessment (ECA), you get a quick overview of the content of your dataset that allows you to identify trends and patterns. This helps to quickly determine the EDiscovery strategy. By using Forcyd’s advanced techniques, you get relevant pointers about your dataset, filters can be applied, duplicates are identified and irrelevant (system) files are excluded, you can see which communication flows are present in e-mail traffic, you get an insight into the general subjects, etc. We help you, among other things, to draw up effective search terms and guide you in choosing the strategy during the investigation. With the right strategy, the dataset to be investigated can be reduced rapidly and the analysis can be performed more efficiently.

Data hosting & online review

We offer an easy-to-use document review platform in which documents can be viewed and evaluated using a streamlined EDiscovery workflow – also referred to as document review in EDiscovery. Regardless of the size or complexity of the matter, this review platform can be set up as desired and you will receive secure online access to the documents, anywhere. Datasets are processed within a short time and uploaded to one of our online platforms, so you can start (almost) immediately with the review. Our review platforms enable the use of advanced analytics, including machine learning, predictive coding and assisted redaction, in an intuitive way. They are also equipped with a complete ‘audit trail’ so that every action taken throughout the review is recorded. Do you have data from another jurisdiction or other specific needs or requirements? Forcyd has certified professionals who guide you through the process from start to finish. Together with our international partners we can process and host your data in many jurisdictions.

Data room service

Are you looking for a managed and secure space where multiple parties can access the same data online 24/7, but with different (access)rights or purposes? We offer this data room services, where you and the other party (s) involved can share information safely, securely and in a controlled manner. We prepare this digital environment for you and together determine which rights are granted to the various parties. In our data rooms, access to documents can even be adjusted per individual user account.

FOIA requests

Most countries, including the Netherlands (Wob), have a form of Freedom of Information Act (FOIA), in which every citizen can view and inspect information from the government upon request. If you, as a government agency, receive a FOIA request, it is important to gather and disclose ‘all’ relevant information. On the one hand it is important not to withhold information, but on the other hand not to publish too much (privacy-sensitive) information. We help with identifying the data sources within your IT landscape, securing, searching and delivering the information according to the set requirements of the FOIA request – including automated redaction of personal data.


Since the GDPR came into effect on 25 May 2018, citizens have more than before the right to the protection of their (personal) data. For companies, this not only mean ensuring that their data is properly protected, but also to make every effort to prevent this data from being made public unnecessarily. In case of a dispute or information request from (foreign) authorities or governments, we help you to gain insight into the personal data within your company. We support you with advice and technology to identify and ‘redact’ personal data before information is transferred to meet these requests.

Advanced analytics on unstructured data

Forcyd has the latest technologies and techniques in the field of analytics. Using these techniques, we can give you more and newer insights into your data than you yourself thought possible. Using clustering and ‘conceptual searching’ we go beyond just using search terms and document properties. Forcyd extracts fully automated entities, currency or credit card data from documents. Let our algorithms predict the relevance of documents based on training sets or use them to identify personal data and redact it in no time.

EDiscovery project management and support

We guide you through the entire life cycle of EDiscovery in the broadest sense possible. From identification to production and the project management that brings all this together. With our years of experience in this field, our certified specialists can assist you in navigating through complex EDiscovery projects and meet the challenges of these information gathering exercises.

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