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In recent years, more and more clients have been calling on us to assist them by providing flexible expert legal resources to supplement their core teams. This reflects the changing legal market in which there is an increasing pressure on companies to reduce legal spend, forcing the legal services industry to come up with more efficient business models that often involve more flexible solutions.

Over the years we have developed an extensive network of expert lawyers and other legal professionals with whom we work on these types of flexible engagements, ranging from the short-term provision of specific expertise to maternity cover and other temporary staffing shortfalls. Our service model which is designed ‘by lawyers for lawyers’ allows us to provide highly experienced legal expertise on a flexible basis and at substantially lower rates than would be usual in the industry whilst never compromising on quality.

Types of legal outsourcing

Large scale projects

Due to the volume of work involved in certain matters, there may be a temporary need for additional legal expert resources. A typical example would be a large-scale document review project, for example in the context of a regulatory investigation. Often these situations also involve large data volumes, in which case we can offer such additional resources in combination with our eDiscovery services in order to better manage and reduce the amount of data to be reviewed. In addition, we often also provide the office space, hardware, and project management around these types of matters.

Need for specific legal expertise and/or language skills

Legal departments or law firms may require certain specific types of legal expertise possibly in combination with a certain language for which they do not want to hire permanent staff. In these situations, we are able to make use of the vast range of areas of expertise in our network to provide our client with the lawyer(s) that have the right experience and skill-set to fill the specific requirement.

Temporary cover of specific positions

If your organisation faces a temporary gap in the positions you need to fill, we will be able to help out with our network of legal professionals. We can provide a lawyer with the required experience at short notice who can become part of your legal team for the required period. Many of our clients have called upon us in this regard in situations such as maternity leave, illness, or sabbaticals.

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