Managed Review

Offering a fully integrated approach combining advanced technology with the flexibility and scalability of our global experienced network of contract lawyers. All geared at delivering a high quality and tailor-made document review solution for our clients.

The everincreasing volume of data that needs to be reviewed for litigation, compliance or regulatory matters puts a lot of pressure on organisations faced with these needs to have a solid and efficient process in place. In order to address time-pressure and to reduce costs it is essential to leverage technology whenever possible to accelerate your reviews.  

Forcyd Managed Document Review has many years of experience in advising clients on how to improve the efficiency, cost effectiveness and quality of your document review exercise. Our seasoned review managers will oversee the projects and ensure coordination and cooperation between the teams of lawyers, the client and other involved parties. 

Our document review offering varies from large-scale fully managed reviews taking place in one of our review centres to off-site specialised reviews carried-out in close cooperation with our client’s legal team.

Our specialised network

We have a large global network of contract lawyers and paralegals specialised in document review covering a wide range of industries, legal areas and languages. Our reviewers are carefully vetted before joining our network including reference checks, bar registration verification, language tests and if appropriate they will be asked to complete our document review test tool. Furthermore, we make sure that our reviewers are trained to use the ediscovery tool that is used so that projects can start without unnecessary delays. 

Thanks to this wide network, we are able, to set up teams of reviewers with the required legal experience and languages at short notice on many locations across the globe.

Integrated solutions

Having a team of professionals with experience in review management as well as in the use and implementation of advanced technical solutions allows us to offer a truly integrated approach. Before the start of any new matter we will advise our clients on how to leverage advanced ediscovery tools such as Technology Assisted Review, contract analytics or assisted redaction, in order to have the most efficient and highest possible quality end results.

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